healthy families


by Kate Gollé

Brimming with warmth, wisdom and common sense, Raising Healthy Families in Unealthy Times is an excellent guide for modern families seeking health and wholeness.
Dr. Sarah Buckley
author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

Author Kate Gollé has coached over 300 wellness doctors internationally, empowering people to experience radiant health with simple yet effective proven strategies. She draws on this wealth of experience as a role model to moms wanting to pursue their passion, career, and purpose while being an exceptional wife and mother. Kate has created an easy-to-use guide that humorously presents a raw, honest, wholesome approach for parents about essentials for preconception care and natural birth; nutrition for optional breastfeeding and fantastic first foods; creating a magnetic connection with your bundle of joy from day one; taking the stress out of babies crying by understanding what they are saying and meeting their needs effectively; bringing the balance to your relationship and family while making magical moments; and riding the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy, birth, and first-time parenting with a smile on your dial and hands in the air.


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